Silk Flowers- Berries and Branches

The silk flower collection of Estilo Fabulosa has a variety
of stylish flowers,berries and branches.
The quality of the flowers are indistinguishable
from natural flowers and made from designers quality.
The Branches are hand-painted to create a natural look.



The silk flower collection of Estilo Fabulosa
is maintenance-free and stay fresh all year long.
They’re allergy-free and invoirement friendly.
We have a wide collection of stylish flowers and arrangements
that are constantly updated with the latest trends.
You can also select your flowers individual
one by one to personalize your own flower arrangement.





For commercial purposes Estilo Fabulosa can arrange floral arrangementswhich are unique designed or personalized at affordable prices.
It is possible for compagnies to get silkflowers delivered on a contract base
every month or season.
The silkflowers of Estilo fabulosa are distinguishable from natural flowers.
The artificial flowers are allergy-free but also maintenance-free.
The water of the flowers never smell badly after a few days,
because they don’t need water!
The flowers are excellent for medical practice, office,B&B etc.




The Pots and Vases of Estilo Fabulosa are handmade, designed by talented artists. Craftmanship and design makes the product unique and still affordable.
The vase collection consist of beautiful colored glass in stylish shapes.





Estilo Fabulosa has a range of handmade quality flowers
made of luxurious fabrics and materials.
De branches are hand painted to give it a real look.
There are more flowers availble as shown here,
on this page, feel free to ask for more species.

Crown Imperial orange 65cm 12,95

Cornation orange 62cm  2,95

Gloriosa red 60cm  8,75

Dahlia orange 55cm  4,95

Agapanthus purple 50cm  9.95

Cymbidium Orchid orange  28cm  8,25

Cynara Stern Stem 90cm  14,95

Delphinium M  blue 67cm  9,95

Ranunculus 35cm  3.95

Queen Ann’s Lace  73cm  6,75

Crocosmia orange  99cm  11,25

Ranunculus white 35cm  3,95

Chinese Lantern white 90cm  14.95

Eremurus Stem pink 115cm  17,50

Chestnut green 75cm  26,50

Chestnut Branch  blossom 100cm  12,50

Wild Delphinium burgundy 77cm  11.50

Ranunculus soft pink 35cm  3,95

Tiger Lily 80cm  12,95

Ranunculus pink 35cm  3,95

Magnolia Buds  90cm  7.95

Berry Branch green  70cm  7,75

Snowball Spray white 55cm  12,50

Snowball Spray green 55cm  12,50

Lilac Spray purple 76cm  12,50

Lilac Spray pink 57cm  11,00

Delphinium L blue 80cm  17,50

Callicarpa purple 85cm  10,95

Bougainville purple 55cm  6,75

Budding Peony burgoundy 58cm  13,95

Dahlia lilac 40cm   5,95

Phalaenopsis stem purple 45cm  5,95

Pear Blossom white 85cm  16,00

Delphinium white 75cm  11,00

Cherry Blossom green 90cm  22,50

Gloriosa white 60cm  5,95

Amaryllis Buds cream 70cm  13,50

Amarylliis cream 70cm  17,50

Blossom Frickle Branch white 60cm  11,95

Magnola Branch with flower 60cm 17,50

Magnolia branch pink 78cm  14,95

magnolia Branch pink flowers 50cm  6,25

Amaryllis on stem pink 35cm  5,95

Magnolia Branch creme flowers 50cm  6,25

Panaculata cream 90cm 19,95

Bells of Ireland 94cm 8,50

Cranberry Branch 85cm 11,50

Orange berry 55cm 8,50

Parrot Tulip white 60cm 8,50

Silk Parrot Tulip pink green 75cm 12,50
Single stem 1 flower

French Parrot Tulip 55cm 9,95

Camelia white 2 open flowers 94 cm 22,50

Rose of Denmark pink 65cm  8,95

Rose Purple Tiger purple/cream 32cm 7,25

Rose Louise Odier pink 35cm 6,25

Rose of Denmark cream 65cm 8,95

Echinecea pink 60cm  7,75

Rose Pichard  pink 32cm 7,25

Mini Rose Spray 77cm 9,25

Gerbera cream 40cm 1,95

Allium 90cm  17,50

Snowberry Branch 65cm  11,95

Walnut Leaves 90cm  11,50

Button Leaves 90cm  29,95

Amaryllis cream/red 40cm  15,00

Eucalypthus Branch 85cm  8,95

Toy Clown Rose white 85cm  12,00

Anthurium 40cm  6,75

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