The World of Estilo Fabulosa


Welcome to the World of Estilo Fabulosa!
We are passionate to create beautiful surroundings,
were people feel happiness, can relax and enjoy to have a great time.
Our experience is to create an atmosphere with sheerful colors,
combined with earth tones and use of materials in colors like :
gold, copper and old silver.
Trendy fabrics and design wallpapers, made from materials which
have proven to be worth their quality.

We select unique decoration objects and collectables combined
with Floral Art in the interior style of Etnic Chic.
To get inspired follow us with trendy topics about Interior Styles,
Fashion Items and Wanderlust.

We invite you to our blog : In Style with Estilo Fabulosa.

Angelique den Drijver, Dutch Interior Stylist and Creative Floral Art Designer of Estilo Fabulosa.





Commercial Interiors

Estilo Fabulosa offers several services to improve each interior,
into the right style and atmosphere for commercial use.

Beside to create commercial interiors, we know exactly how to style and design your private home to sell or rent it quickly on the market for the highest price!
With designers interior trics and thoughtful details we can transform your home, to make it more appealing for your buyers or tenants.





Floral Art Creations

In our Floral Art Creations for private homes or commercial interior;
all fashionable flowers will be used in marvelous compositions.
The elegancy of the flower creation is not the quantity,
but to expose the beauty of the flowers in the right style,

which will suit the purpose of the arrangement.
It can be a piece of art, or let the designated space
bloom into a little event.


Discover our dedication to make every interior sparkle.
We provide the best possible service to offer you the best.